The Technology of Vault Roof

The Technology of Vault Roof: The Roof is permanently insulated since it consists of a series of arches made up of burnt clay conical tile inserted into one another. The arches are held together by plaster from outside. Fixing of broken china tiles pieces over the roof renders it waterproof and reflects the sunlight making the interior to remain cooler. img potter The roof needs neither wood nor steel and is most suitable for disaster prone areas like flood & earthquake as it is quick to build, comfortable to live and low in cost.

Appropriateness of Roof of CSV Houses is as follows

  • Cost effective
  • Use of locally available material, mud as a basic building material
  • Use of energy consuming materials (like metal, steel and cement) is minimized hence these structures are environmentally friendly.
  • High labour intensive technology hence generates employment.
  • Environmental friendly since the houses feel cooler inside the house in summer in hot in winter season.
  • As the mud is main building material, unlike other materials (Concrete and steel), it can be recycled or reused.


The Technology of Mud Wall

The Wall: Ordinary mud (80% murum & 20% BC soil or clayey soil) is used to make 230 mm thick walls using tile faced mud blocks of 100 mm thick and filling the masonry joints with cement pointing. The mud block wall is rain proof and rodent proof. This is to be noted that there is no need to press or ram or concrete or add any other binding material in these bocks.

The mud blocks are made using 230 mm X 230 mm wood or steel mould in which facing tile is kept on one side and then it is filled with mud mix by hands. If required inner surface of the wall can also be tiled. For internal walls mud blocks of 300 X 230 thick are made without facing tiles for which appropriate moulds are used. All these materials are locally available and the villagers can make the blocks themselves. For a villager house of 250-sqft only three days labour is required for block making. Each block costs very less money.